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About Steven W. Evans, PhD

Self-photograph ©Steven W. Evans
I am a biologist with a PhD degree in Zoology (Ornithology) from
North-West University, South Africa.

I have been taking photographs for over 20 years mostly for my own
interest and enjoyment.

I initially worked on conservation projects aimed at conserving
threatened African and South African birds and the habitats
on which they depend. My primary programme was developing
and using the threatened Blue Swallow and Oribi Antelope
as indicators and flagships for conserving Grasslands and important

My interest in digital photography and the desire to show-case
and market my photographs on the internet resulted in me learning
to develop and maintain websites.

I am currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Venda,
Limpopo Province, South Africa, doing research on the effects
of different land-use practices on birds.